About Najafabad

About Najafabad



This city was built at Shah Abbas Safavid , 25 km west of the city of Safavan .During the reign of Shah Abbas Safavi in ​​about 1022 AH, some gifts and gossip and jewels and cash, which loaded several camels, were sent to Najaf for the shrine of Ali ibn Abi Talib on behalf of Shab Abbas .(More than three hundred, I had yellow wax, camphor, some amber and sea pearls). Camels in this land stood still and the camper's efforts to move the camels did not get anywhere.Eventually the king ordered the order in the same place of the city .

Najaf Abad The fourth most populated city in Isfahan is in the center of Iran. It is famous for almond blossoms, handmade carpets, honey and pomegranate.

Tourist Attractions


  • Sheikh Bahai Citadel

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